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Department of Energy
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9/16/22  2:59 pm
Commenter: Julie Jones

VA Energy Plan - Keep VA in RGGI
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is and needs to remain an essential part of Virginia's Energy Plan.  The VA Clean Economy Act and Advancing Clean Car Standards are other key pieces to creating and deploying an energy plan for Virginia that will meet both our energy needs, financial goals and carbon reduction goals. 

RGGI will bring millions of dollars of investment to Virginia and benefiting our communities right now. The Virginia Energy Plan should focus on how we maintain Virginia's place in RGGI

The Virginia Clean Economy Act is the most ambitious climate action plan in the South, and the Governor's Energy Plan should make sure that the Commonwealth continues on the path toward meeting all of the critical climate goals in the Act.

Thank you for assisting with this request. Please continue to stand up for Virginians and the health of our environment, and our growing clean energy economy.
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