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9/9/22  5:04 pm
Commenter: C Anderson

Does All-of-the-Above really mean Business-As-Usual?

I am opposed to an "all-of-the-above" approach to energy planning for the future in Virginia. It appears to actually be a plan for  "business as usual," "don't upset the apple cart' or a "let's not be too hasty." 

  • Does our Commonwealth have a solution to nuclear waste disposal? If so, please share that with the rest of the nation, which has not figured it out. How about working to solve that pesky problem AND to phase out the use of nuclear power, as it also poses a security threat (think Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.) 
  • Speaking of security risks, has our Commonwealth considered that the decentralization of energy production helps reduce security risks?  Dominion Energy may not like that idea at first, but PG&E in California would probably support it right about now. 
  • Do our current Commonwealth legislators oppose subsidies for alternative energy development? Why? Gas & oil company profits for the first quarter of 2022 were about $100 BILLION. Please explain why our nation should give financial support to these energy companies through tax subsidies, but NOT support investments in newer, safer energy technologies at the same level - about $20 billion in 2021.  Reuters United Nations link -
  • Has our Commonwealth determined and funded a method of removing destructive carbon from the air? No? Hmmmm....
At a time of PROVABLE climate instability caused primarily by fossil fuel use - record-breaking temperatures, wildfires, catastrophic floods and strained power grids, some technologies are harmful and should become obsolete.  Let's not continue kicking the can down the road. Instead, let's embrace new, non-destructive technologies and create a new energy economy. This will create more and better paying jobs. 
If "all-of-the-above" is an energy strategy, I hope Virginia is also considering the use of whale oil lamps. That's an energy technology at the same level of futuristic thinking as the "all-of-the-above," i.e. status quo. 
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