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9/8/22  4:25 pm
Commenter: Northern Virginia Regional Commission

NVRC Comments to Energy Plan

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission is pleased to submit its comments to the "2022 Virginia Energy Plan".  

1.) Sustained Support for the Virginia Clean Economy Act.  NVRC strongly advocates the continuation of the policies as set forth in the Virginia Clean Economy Act that will ensure the generation of electricity to be supplied to Northern Virginia by 2045, will be fossil fuel-free, clean energy.

2.) Continued Participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  NVRC strongly encourage the Commonwealth to sustain its participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  RGGI has proven to be a cost-effective means to reduce carbon pollution emissions and reliable revenue source to Virginia's local governments and others to plan and respond to existing climate challenges such as flooding, extreme weather and heat.

3.) Strengthened Programs for Solar and Wind Energies.  The attainment of carbon-neutrality by the Commonwealth by 2045 depends on the aggressive application of solar and wind energy programs as well as battery storage.  The NVRC encourages the Commonwealth to support and expand all existing solar, wind and battery storage policies.  The Commonwealth should also consider incentives for residential solar and battery storage projects.

4.) Promote Incentives for Residential and Commercial Building Energy Efficiency.  NVRC promotes the expansion of all state-wide policies supporting energy efficiency upgrades and financing for residential and commercial buildings.  This support extends to policies that include incentivizing workforce training in these critical sectors as well as strengthening building codes to make new construction as energy efficient as possible.

5.) Promote Incentives for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning.  NVRC advocates the aggressive support for all policies and programs that expand infrastructure for electric vehicles.  Reducing emissions from the transportation sector is a critical role played by local governments.

6.) State Incentives for Electric Vehicles.  NVRC supports the creation of State incentives for the purchase of electric and charging stations to speed the decarbonization of the transportation sector to reduce emissions pollution.  The State should consider amending building codes to require new residential construction include the appropriate electric infrastructure be installed to allow for Level 2 charging capacity in the garage of the home (if there is a garage).

7.) Local Authority.  Control of land use decisions, whether it is site plan approval, planning and zoning, must remain as being controlled by local governments.  NVRC does not support any erosion of local decision-making related to these important issues.




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