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Department of Energy
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9/2/22  3:18 pm
Commenter: Kathryn Haynes

Renewable Energy vs Coal and Earth's Future

Concerning the Virginia Energy Plan:  I’ve been hearing about new jobs in the coal industry from the governor’s office (for processing steel), but am wondering about the seeming lack of emphasis from the governor on renewable energy jobs in solar, wind, etc.  Our focus should be on helping the environment, rather than continuing to support such a carbon-intensive process.  When steel is made from coal, that process is responsible for around 5% of all global emissions.  And coal is primarily used because it currently costs less than other heating alternatives.  I hope the governor’s team will look at those alternatives, encourage much more job training in the renewable energy arena, and consider the cost to our environment and the future for our children’s planet, rather than a simple, immediate fix that is solely based on current pressures to save money.  At what price are these “saved” funds saving anything when our planet is then suffering from our neglect?  Thank you for your consideration of these thoughts.

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