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Department of Energy
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8/28/22  11:49 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Don't follow California into the abyss

We left California, my home state, years ago because the energy and fiscal policies were and are garbage. The headlong drive to "clean energy" is a catastrophe of epic proportions and if you follow the money, it is easy to see that some are getting wealthy(er) from it, as the general population suffers increasing costs and inflation. The so-called "green" initiatives are graft, pure and simple, and are leading to the destruction of the middle class.

From Greta to the WEF, our harbingers of doom de jour, we are hearing the war drums of climate gangsters - bent on dismantling our way of life and our livelihoods so that we will "own nothing and be happy." Just a few short years ago, this nation was energy-independent and I suggest that our state regulators hitch their wagons to leaders like DeSantis, rather than a weasel like Newsom.

I grew up in California and it was a beautiful, affordable place to live in sunshine and relative safety. It is now an over-crowded, over-taxed mess of innumerable homeless, violence, plague-ridden (yes, they have bubonic plague in LA) place where people defecate in the streets of once gorgeous cities. Their energy policies are as ridiculous and harmful as their other public policies and should serve as a giant neon billboard of what NOT to do. 

Our current governor was a "lesser of two evils" choice and I have my doubts as to his allegiance to the people of Virginia, but I applaud his desire to distance himself and this state from all things California - especially their energy policies.

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