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Department of Energy
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8/17/22  12:26 pm
Commenter: Katherine Stanley

Clean Energy

A carbon tax would be something to consider. "A price on Carbon it's fair, efficient, and effective" (cited from BP). We HAVE to switch to wind, solar, and water for all of our energy consumption needs. The engines that we use to run our world is not the problem. It's how we power the engines, gadgets and motors that is the issue. It is projected that wind and solar will become the cheapest form of energy very soon (Forbes). It would be already if oil, gas, and coal didn't have so many subsidies making them seem cheaper. This tells me that a productive and healthy Virginian economy can be an incredible byproduct of investing in and incentivizing renewable energy. Climate change is already causes catastrophes, but if we act now, we can mitigate how much damage will be inflicted within this century. 

Also, if this forum was more easily discovered by the residents of Virginia, you would have many more compelling comments in support of clean energy.

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