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Department of Energy
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8/16/22  5:50 pm
Commenter: Joan F. McIntyre

Achieving Virginia's Clean Energy Goals

The 2022 Virginia Energy Plan should be focus on achieving the state's transition to renewable energy and a resilient energy infrastructure that protects consumers from wide fluctuations in prices and supplies and ensure stable and equitable access to energy to all Virginians. Key elements should:

  • Emphasize energy efficiency gains as a key component of meeting energy goals through changes in building codes and statewide programs assisting residents and small businesses in reducing their energy consumption
  • Prioritize assistance to low income and marginalized communities
  • Allow consumers opportunities to choose renewable energy for their electricity consumption, including viable shared solar arrangements and direct choice for electricity supplies.
  •  Reimagine the electric grid to accommodate the shift to electric HVAC and hot water systems, appliances, and vehicles and distributed, renewable energy production through use of microgrids, battery storage (including home and vehicle batteries), and demand management technologies   
  • Maximize Virginia's participation in the programs, including consumer credits/rebates, included in the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • Include health, environmental, and economic benefits as part of the cost calculations for the Energy Plan, such as reduced mortality and morbidity from air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels and jobs creation
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