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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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8/1/22  6:31 pm
Commenter: Laura S.

I oppose

This bill doesn't even give any hint as to what is considered "sexually explicit." Even if that's defined by the Board, everyone interprets what's explicit differently. It also doesn't discuss about age-appropriateness. People learn and are exposed to more information about the world as they grow up, so it's only natural that they have access to that information as appropriate to their age. If we are to truly educate children to give them a chance in the world, then we can't overly censor or hide things. Nor should we shelter them too much.

To quote author Laurie Halse Anderson, "Censoring books that deal with difficult, adolescent issues does not protect anybody. Quite the opposite. It leaves kids in the darkness and makes them vulnerable. Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance. Our children cannot afford to have the truth of the world withheld from them.”

So, on that note, how is the mere existence of LGTBQ+ people "sexually explicit?" They are people. They deserve rights and respect, not to be shamed and ridiculed. I thought we were a country about freedom, and all it seems we're concerned about these days is actively shaming people and taking those rights away. This isn't who we are. 

We shouldn't be following Florida. If you want to complain about wokeness and censorship, check yourselves first. 


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