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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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7/7/22  8:06 pm
Commenter: Virginia Beach Parent

These policies are already in place

As a Virginia Beach public schools parent for the last nine years, with children ranging from kindergarten to high school, I am unsure of the reasoning behind this law other than political reasons. I can only assume what is being referred to as “sexually explicit content” applies only to upper-grade literature, where warnings are already given to students and parents and students  are already permitted to review content and may opt out and request suitable replacements at any time. In fact, at least in Virginia Beach, parents are always able to do this at any point in their child’s education. I learned this when I served on a committee to review material that had been challenged by members of the school board due to explicit content being present. I think it would be more helpful to parents and students and less divisive to educators if there were an emphasis on raising awareness of existing policies that are already in place and being followed as opposed to stoking fear among parents about content that their children will likely never encounter. Our educators and our children deserve better. 

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