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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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7/6/22  2:35 pm
Commenter: Jay Walk

Senate Bill 656 Thumbs Down

This policy is very vague and burdensome. I understand the goal of this bill is to provide the loud minority a front row seat into our classrooms without doing any of the work but this is not okay. This bill opens the door for teachers, librarians and administrators to get sued simply because a parent disagrees with the curriculum set by the VDOE. 

  1. Teachers are off for the summer, when do you expect teachers to come up with a list of instructional materials, prior to the new school year, to send to parents for their approval?
  2. The bill states that administrators will be responsible for providing notification 30 days prior to the use of any of the materials, we all know this task will be handed down to the teachers, who already have enough on their plates. 
  3. What is considered instructional material? 

It seems that the ultimate goal of this bill is to undermine public education, if this is in fact your goal, you are on the right track. You will have even fewer educators than you have not, who will be irreplaceable because of how the profession is being treated. 

I understand that parents want to play a role in their child's education and they should, most school encourage parents to be involved, but this is definitely not the way to go about it. Do better. 

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