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3/14/22  1:25 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Useless masks

Hi -

I have never been so disgusted at the mandates to wear masks!!  No one speaks to anyone anymore; people are completely absorbed in their telephones now more than ever.  It was all a mechanism to see how we would bend and submit to the government's control. It's sickening to see how quickly people swallowed this mess hook, line and sinker!  It's painful to see how Biden, CDC, big Pharma all used fear.  I've talked to people on the phone during all this who were scared to death; panicking if they couldn't get that stupid no-shot-shot!  A shot and a mask for the common cold! That's what they want, the globalists, they want to control us and bring us into submission

BIGGEST FACTOR and false claim - THE MASKS DON'T WORK OR PREVENT ANYTHING. Yet many of us are still suffering by having to still wear these stupid things.  Meanwhile, people have lost time from work; lost monies; made us suffer from this stupid bio-weapon and yet, our congressmen and others, including BIG PHARMA are raking in the money while the average citizen is still suffering from this evil event.  The only comforting thought is this, they will ALL stand before a holy God and answer for this GREAT EVIL and travesty they have done to us.  God help them!

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