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3/10/22  10:06 am
Commenter: Anonymous

masks everywhere must end


I'm so fed up with the masking.  It's not like they work!  They do nothing.  Studies have proven it.  Study after study and expert after expert show that this masking is absurd.  The virus goes right through the cloth masks, and even more easily out the sides and top and bottom.  There are gaps. How do you think you can breathe if it traps your breath?  People take them off to do certain things.  Does the virus just stop then?  You have to have it to spread it and right now Virginia's case rate is at below 7% of the population.  Still, many places are requiring  masks.  The medical profession is the most stubborn.  They DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!! Unless the medical profession wants to hand N95 to all that enter, this mandate must be abondoned.  I'm fed up!  People look like total morons when they put them on...showing their idiocy and adherence to empty virtue signaling.

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