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3/2/22  12:45 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Mask recommendations - NO mandates - provide proof of effectiveness as incentive

If these masks were medically sealed they still would not work as COVID 19 is transmitted airborne and is easily 70x smaller than the mask. That's like trying to stop a mouse with an open garage door. Get serious - it might help for bacterial, but has little effect on viral.

CDC is a more authoritative body on these subjects, and they only provide guidelines, as they should, considering the reality of the matter. 

It makes sense to make recommendations for people to use them IF you support the argument with tangible, verifiable evidence, but that's it. Anything beyond that, in the face of the increasing, self-immunized population (herd immunity) status and inversely proportional risk of 'outbreak', is something other than truth. Anyone who wishes to wear them is free to. Why do you wish to take freedom away from people with unnecessary 'mandates' without even quantifying the necessity clearly? Take a hint from all these voices. Even better, study this issue in depth (the physical & biological science) and be honest; I'm certain you will find, as a body, you have greatly overreached your mastery and authority on this issue - possibly with good intentions...

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