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2/28/22  8:40 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Stop all Mandates

The CDC came out with new 'guidelines' to end mandates and that masking is no required regardless of vaccination status. So, what are we doing here?

This is why so many people have distrust in government entities. One, they cannot get on the same page at the same time. It always seems like you are playing catch up with one another. If the CDC says we are done, we are done. And, I say that with little to no faith in the CDC to begin with. I have not been following their guidelines anyway, they are just that guides. Mandates are NOT LAW.

We are also testing people in certain areas who are unvaccinated but if we are truly following the 'science' then we should be testing everyone or no one.

It is time to move on with our lives. COVID is not going away and why wait 30 days? What difference will that really make? This is all a political move and it is sad to see how each department and county is playing the people like pawns on a chess board. We are not your pawns. Stop treating us as such.

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