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2/27/22  11:13 pm
Commenter: Moving Forward

Time to Let it Go

The mandates need to come to an end. They have done more harm than good. They are also a joke. 

I've been forced to do weekly testing since November. My workplace moved from the unreliable rapid tests to the ones that are sent in and take a few days for results.  Since that has occurred, I have received one result. I strongly suspect those tests are not even processed.  When the last one was performed, the woman told me I would receive the results in 2-5 days. I told her I doubted it.  She clarified, hadn't I been receiving emails or texts. I told her no, not since the first one. Reality clicked in. She looked at me and said she was sorry.  

Every week, I've been forced to sit in a parking lot, like a pariah, and have an invasive procedure performed in order to punish me for making a necessary decision for my own health.  I've been treated like I am contaminated.  But, the last few weeks, those same people have started to see what a wrong thing they are participating in. They've started to apologize to me, after asking me if I have any symptoms.  I've never been sick, any of the times these last 2 years. I took care of myself. I took supplements.  I eat right.  I wash my hands before eating and after interacting with students.  I've never been sick and there's never been a reason to force me to prove that.  This is an abuse of power.  

Stop the mandates. End the 2 year emergency. Never again.  

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