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2/27/22  7:56 am
Commenter: Winifred Midkiff, RN, BSN, CCM

No More Healthcare Mandates!! No more ANY mandates!!

Over the past two years healthcare workers have put there hearts and souls into saving lives during this so-called pandemic. Yet thousands of healthcare workers have been fired for not taking a forced experimental, non-FDA approved injection. We have been forced to tests against our will multiple times weekly. We have been forced to wear a mask that has been proven scientifically to not prevent the spread of COVID. We have watched loved ones die alone because families were not permitted into hospitals  to be with them in their last moments on this earth. We have seen the government dictate treatments that don't  work in healthcare systems, big pharma medications that cost billions. However, doctors are not allowed to prescribe life saving, scientifically proven, inexpensive medications that will stop COVID and save lives with early treatment.  Remdesivir shuts down your kidneys, liver, and eventually will cause multisystem-organ failure. We have GOD given rights, Constitutional Rights, civil rights, and Virginia  Constitutional  Rights, and the government is committing crimes against innocent citizens but not allowing us the freedom to choose what we will and will not allow into our bodies. Forcing shots, forcing masks that don't  work, forcing expensive treatments that don't work and preventing treatments that do work is genocide!is illegal!!! This must stop immediately!! Those who continue to force these mandates will pay for there crimes! is only 1 percent of actual injuries caused by the shots. Thousands are disabled for life, thousands have died, thousands have had blood disorders such as hemorrhages, blood clots, pulmonary  embolisms, GI bleeds, cancers, HIV syndrome, strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, infertility, stillborns, and miscarriages. Enough! Everything being done goes against the Nuremberg Code. We The People will not allow this to continue. Remember who elected you! Remember who you work for, the citizens!!! Now go do what is right and end this tyranny against Virginians! Lastly, I will not apologize for my passion and my beliefs, that's my right too.

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