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2/20/22  12:41 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

End Mandates--Ensure Right to Refuse

I love my (adjunct/non-tenured) job teaching for a state university.  Due to the vax and mask mandates on campus, I have not been able to meet with my students outside of Zoom, or set foot in an office, or even meet my bosses and coworkers.

While I have been able to keep my job due to a religious exemption, the mandates still in place on campus are oppressive.  I don't recall Virginians acceding their God-given rights to man-made mandates, and it is time we were made whole.  

Frankly, I would love to add my name and email address to this posting, but because of the prevailing political views on campus, I fear adverse reaction if my Conservative views and general opposition to campus policy were made public.  Yet another right that has been compromised, especially at universities with a decided liberal party line.


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