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2/19/22  6:42 pm
Commenter: Dedra R Thomas

Ridiculous Prince William Co School Leadership

I sent this messsge to our Governor with the latest insulting communication from the PWCS Superintendent, Dr McDade. The students are provided choice regarding masks, but the adult employees do not have that same choice? This controlling tyranny has nothing to do with public health and well being. It is all about control. Our state leader, Governor YOUNGKIN is doing what is right and American for us and I expect the freedom to decide for myself what I wear or don’t wear on my face or put in my body.



Governor Youngkin,
Thank you so much for your determination to obliterate these ridiculous and unscientific mandates and giving choice back to the parents. Now I am asking you to do the same for teachers. We received the following message from Dr. McDade this afternoon. The insanity of teachers still being told we cannot remove our masks as if that bears any weight on the spread of Covid. I am infuriated by the nonsensical nature of this power control grab. So the virus now knows that adults are the only transmitters of Covid? We should have the same choice as the parents regarding their children. Most of us are parents with children in the county also.
I know Lt Gov. Sears said to have patience through this process and I will.....however this email made me fume. I am feeling the need to support my students by removing my mask as well.
Please help us teachers communicate our faces to these now unmasked students. It is essential and way past time.
So grateful to have you and your entire team heading our state.

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