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2/19/22  9:24 am
Commenter: Tammy Tribett


It’s far past time that we give EVERYONE the choice to wear or not to wear a mask!   This includes TEACHERS!  This has spun so far out of control, and that’s truly what the issue has become-a control issue.   This country was founded on the belief of individual rights and freedoms.  We are quickly losing that and descending into socialism or a monarchy, which we fought, and many gave their lives, to escape!   I am 100% behind vaccines- but that’s my CHOICE.  I am 100% behind NO MASKS, but that’s also my choice.  Every American has the right to choose freely for themselves and their own personal health.  Teachers have been forced to teach all day in a mask.  I cannot even begin to imagine how miserable this must be.  Unable to breath, unable to be heard by their students, and, above all, unable to make their own personal health choice!  From a student’s perspective, my daughter continues to say it’s difficult to hear her teachers and in a foreign language class such as her Spanish, it’s equally important to SEE her teacher verbalize.  It’s time to unmask our teachers and allow everyone to get back to normal and make their own choices! 

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