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2/18/22  1:17 pm
Commenter: Duckworth

End all COVID mandates

I personally had to direct 250 employees through the debacle of the all COVID ETS mandates.  The last 3 years have been a complete utter mess trying to navigate through all it.  Confusion, misinformation, stressed & burnt out employees, and requirements that were months behind the latest & greatest science.  The mandates have created more anxiety for employees than the pandemic ever did, and in case you're unaware, anxiety is not compensable under Virginia's Worker's Compensation laws.   If you continue with the COVID Standard, you may as well change the W/C laws to cover anxiety.           

After 3 years of this, everyone knows about COVID now.  We get it.  We do not need government intervention to require folks to do what they are capable of doing on their own, which is making their own decisions for themselves, their employees, and their businesses.  We do not need the government to continue the wrath of creating undue pressure through the fear of citations and enforceable fines.  Forced persuasion is bad for Virginia business. 

I'm done, I'm cooked.    


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