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2/18/22  8:27 am
Commenter: FLG

Permanently Revoke the Permanent Standard

As an employee of one of Virginia's largest manufacturing companies, the practices and protocols dictated in the standard neither lessened or increased the number of COVID cases.  It was a failure as far as protection goes and was never based upon science but upon political knee jerk reactions.  

As a member of the COVID committee and tracking team, over 97% of the infections originated from outside the facility within family circles and other sources.  Instead of seeing a decrease or flattening of the curve, we saw increases in health issues associated with wearing a mask for hours on end, as well as increases in anxiety and stress associated with angst created by the needless regulations.

Where OSHA has been a great help in reducing job related risks in most areas, this one was a dictatorial decree over an issue that was not intended to be governed by nor considered a true function of OSHA.

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