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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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10/18/21  12:37 am
Commenter: MGibson

Mandatory vaccines without medical or religious exemptions

There should be no mandatory vaccines in Virginia and America no matter the public health threat. It has always been our right to CHOOSE our own doctors, treatments medicines as we worked with them for our path of healing or preventive protection without government interference or regulating our personal health or of our children. Everyone has different conditions and health risks even reactions to medications as anyone working in the health field knows. We have constitutional rights established to prevent this type of irresponsible intrusive action by governmental centralized power. It’s unconstitutional!!!
       We also have our  Bill of Rights to protect are freedom and the first is our freedom to exercise our religious beliefs without government interference. For example as a healthy minister of 67 who has never taken any type of vaccine whether flu shingles etc due to my faith to honor God by taking care of my body and will not allow anyone else to make that personal decision for me. I had Covid without any complications and now have superior natural antibodies much more effective than manmade vaccines that are formulated without any long time research on their safety and effects on children, childbearing women or those with compromised immune systems! These vaccines are formulated based on and inferior to our natural immune system! Follow the science and assist those in high risk population.
         Our government especially Virginia should be leading the way focusing on using all our resources on supporting our frontline health workers not drive them out of their jobs by their exercise of their freedom to choose to be vaccinated or not! This greatly weakens our health systems at a critical time! All our efforts should be making easily available and supporting early treatment protocols increase production of the cheap proven safe medicines and monoclonal antibody treatment centers! Follow all the top virologist and renowned doctors worldwide who actual treat Covid patients like Dr Peter McCullough who have thoroughly researched with other top health experts  and have set early effective treatment protocols and kept Covid patients from becoming severely ill and dying!!!

Epidemics plagues and breakout viruses are not knew to Public health but what truly baffling and horrendous is this unusual rejection and ban of cheap effective safe medicines used for decades, the silence of national health officials to quickly organize and  formulate early  treatment protocols for doctors or health information for guidance or options for treatment to covid patients! Not to mention all the misinformation straight out lies and avoidance and coverups by our national leaders, CDC officials who have conflict of interest with grants, laboratory research etc from major vaccine and pharmaceutical companies!

If you really care about public health in America and in our schools you would be sealing our borders during this Covid crisis by securing our borders from 1.2 million illegal aliens flooding in with Covid and other contagious diseases and releasing them throughout our country! Your proposed vaccine mandates on law abiding citizens and not illegals is ludicrous while you allow this grave threat to all American citizens and our health systems!
You protect a woman s personal choice over her body to kill their unborn baby but not the freedom to choose to take a questionable safe or effective vaccine or not for their bodies or their parental rights to care for their childrens health!
These hostile attacks on our freedoms by people who are suppose to protect our constitutional  rights is appalling and the real domestic threat to our democratic country and well being with these divisive vaccine mandates and illogical or ineffective policies! Private schools have been safely opened throughout the pandemic!
Also stop attacking parental rights to have input into what should be taught to our children in our failed public school systems being taking over by extreme far left liberals flooding in their racist CRT programs that is appalling and so divisive.

Simple solution separate schools teachers and families that want vaccines.Have others schools for freedom of choice like it always has been.Those administrators staff and teachers free to teach, students and families to choose to attend and participate in this environment with the vaccinated & those with superior natural immunities and those without vaccines! Provide choice! 

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