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Virginia Department of Health
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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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10/17/21  11:33 pm
Commenter: No mandates

For the ones who don’t get it this is your freedom you are letting the government take! Wake up!

I’ve read the comments of those saying yes. And I truly feel bad for you because you don’t get that the government is trying to take your freedom. You seriously need to think about what’s going on here. I know it’s hard to hear anyone’s point of with Fakebook (yes fake) silencing anyone with a different point of view or saying something that doesn’t fit their agenda. TikTok is taking videos down of black lives matter protesting in New York because it didn’t fit their agenda. Yet they allowed it when they wanted. There are tons of people all around the world protesting this vaccine mandate and instalies (yep I mean lies and not Instagram) won’t allow you to search certain hashtags. All of these social media’s are removing stuff they don’t want you to see because they have a hidden agenda. If you don’t believe go look yourself. 

We who are awake aren’t getting this vaccine. And I pray for those who have gotten it and who are going to get it. Because even if I don’t agree with you I still do not wish anything bad on you. I pray people open their eyes and see the truth. 

Satan wants nothing more than to deceive, divide, and destroy. So everyone please pray for everyone to turn to God, accept Jesus into their life as their lord and savior, and to wake up and see the truth. Pray for America to turn back to God.


God bless. 


No to all mandates 

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