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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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10/17/21  10:45 pm
Commenter: Michelle

No Mandate!!!

In reference to the statements made by Kristen, the petitioner of these covid-19 vaccine mandates for children and staff, I agree children should be able to attend school without multiple disruptions and they should not have to be required to wear a mask and should not have to live in fear of this virus. Based on medical and scientific research this can happen without injecting everyone with the experimental covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately the information to support this is being suppressed and medical officials are risking their jobs if they implement or even speak about early treatment. Has anyone looked at the success of early treatment that India and Africa have experienced? Why would we mandate a vaccine that doesn't even protect you from getting the virus? Something is happening in our country that has never happened before, why is there only one narrative that is being adhered to? Why are people being canceled when they speak about an alternative treatment? Why all of a sudden are people trusting their government officials more than  physicians when making decisions about their health? Why is the Biden administration publicly criticizing people that are making personal medical choices and creating a culture that is prejudice towards this group? My daughter is an elementary teacher, she is only 31 years old and would like to have more children. This vaccine has shown that it can cause infertility and can cause miscarriages. Do you think it's fair to require her to get the vaccine? This vaccine has shown that it is not safe for children. There are countries that have put a pause on giving it to children, and yet our country is moving forward and even aggressively pushing this vaccine on children. To compare this experimental vaccine that has not even been approved by the FDA with existing vaccines given to children is reckless. Please do your research and listen to officials that are not being paid by our government. Anyone that supports this mandate should be held responsible for the harm that it causes. Covid-19 is a treatable virus and if we would listen to the physicians that are implementing early treatment there wouldn't even be the need for a petition to mandate an experimental vaccine that is unsafe. If we had followed early treatment from the beginning of this pandemic we would most likely be able to say we are covid-19 free. DO NOT MANDATE THIS EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE! IT'S NOT FAIR TO USE OUR CHILDREN AS GUINEA PIGS FOR THIS EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE!

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