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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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10/17/21  10:28 pm
Commenter: M/N Pallo

No to mandates / YES to individual freedoms

Government in America is of, by and for the people.  Leaders do not have the right  to determine which medications every citizen should take. Many individuals have been adversely affected by the vaccines - particularly young people. Until we have complete data provided and discussed by those on both sides of the issue, there can be no mandates.

  1. "Follow the science" is not being done.  There ARE two sides to science. Many doctors have had success with their patients of all ages using various therapeutics - but we hear nothing from government officials OR media to report on these or accept the successful results; in addition natural immunity has been completely overlooked as a reason NOT to get the vaccine.
  2. Key FDA officials have resigned because they don't believe all the data is being followed -  the White House was warned on September 3, 2021, that there is still not enough data to recommend boosters for all adults - but the White House pushed forward anyway.  
  3. Many doctors and nurses have been shut down for trying to voice concern over vaccines, masking, and mandates. There is something wrong when we cannot hear from all who are in the field of medicine.  We must make our own decisions based on the research from ALL of the information, not only the information "forced" upon us from one side.
  4. This country was built on liberty and freedom; each individual must make these choices;  parents, not government, must make decisions for their children -  based on valid individual health or religious concerns.
  5. Numerous problems have been recorded as this virus has continued which have  escalated the numbers of the infected: invalid tests, improper reporting, shut downs which prevented the opportunity for building up immunity.  There is no doubt that there are questions. Forcing a a mandate before having all the answers is like passing a bill for a new healthcare system, before the bill was ever read. 
  6. Bribery and mandates would not be required IF the vaccines were proven through completed research and data and the "rules" didn't keep changing.
  7. This country was established on individual freedom - allow teachers, students and parents freedom for handling their health based on facts.
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