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Department of Health Professions
Board of Dentistry
48 guidance documents relevant to this board for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
76-10.01 Delegation to agency subordinates 10/13/2022 
76-10.02 Providing Sanction Reference Point worksheets to Respondents 5/3/2018 
76-10.03 Subpoenas for Disciplinary Hearings 10/30/2018  Changes Being Made
76-10.05 Reports to The Data Bank 5/14/2018  Changes Being Made
76-10.06 Disciplinary process for cases involving non-compliance with section 54.1-2400.6 12/28/2017  Changes Being Made
76-10.12 Participation of adjudication specialists in closed sessions 8/9/2017 
76-10.17 Publication of Notices and Orders on the Department websites 11/27/2018  Changes Being Made
76-10.24 Summary suspensions and restrictions 3/6/2018 
76-20 Adjudication Manual - Disciplinary process 11/10/2022 
76-20.01 Communication with the media 5/15/2018 
76-20.04 Disclosure of non-investigative information by the Department 5/3/2018  Changes Being Made
76-20.05 Disclosure of Information to Health Practitioner Monitoring Program 8/9/2017  Changes Being Made
76-30.2 Procurement of professional services 10/19/2017  Changes Being Made
76-34 Reporting by Hospitals and Other Health Care Institutions 9/16/2021 
76-35 Virginia Freedom of Information Act Requests 9/1/2022 
76-39 Guidelines for Pro Hac Vice practice 12/14/2017 
76-40.01 Receipt and investigation of allegations of misconduct 7/26/2017  Changes Being Made
76-40.02 Unlicensed activity 8/9/2017  Changes Being Made
76-40.05 Diciplinary cases involving board members 3/6/2018  Changes Being Made
76-80.12 Extension of time for active duty service members or spouses 5/5/2017  Changes Being Made
76-90.01 Prescription Drug Monitoring Advisory Committee 5/4/2018 
76-90.02 Custodians of records 5/2/2018  Changes Being Made
76-90.03 Foreign applicants and social security numbers 5/3/2018  Changes Being Made
76-90.05 Principles/Establishment of Fees 5/1/2017  Changes Being Made
BOARD: Board of Dentistry
60-1 Board policy on confidential consent agreements 11/10/2022 
60-10 Guidance on sanctioning for advertising violations 8/5/2021 
60-11 Policy Regarding Delegation of Pulp-Capping Procedures to a Dental Assistant II 8/4/2022 
60-13 Remote supervision of dental hygienists 2/6/2020 
60-14 Bylaws of the Board 11/10/2022 
60-15 Standards for professional conduct in the practice of dentistry 12/14/2018 
60-17 Policy on Recovery of Disciplinary Costs 2/3/2022 
60-18 Dental laboratory work order 8/5/2021 
60-19 Dental laboratory subcontractor work order 8/5/2021 
60-2 Sanction reference point instruction manual 11/14/2019 
60-20 Radiation certification 9/10/2021 
60-22 Policy on sanctioning for failure to comply with insurance and billing practices 8/5/2021 
60-23 Teledentistry 12/13/2019 
60-24 Guidance for Dental Practices 11/11/2021 
60-25 Dental clinical competency examination for licensure 5/12/2022 
60-26 Dental hygiene clinical competency examination 5/12/2022 
60-27 Guidance on Sedation Inspections and Permits 2/3/2022 
60-3 Periodic inspections for anesthesia and sedation 2/6/2020 
60-4 Questions and answers about sedation 2/6/2020 
60-5 Auditing for continuing education and sanctioning 8/5/2021 
60-6 Closing of a dental practice on death of a dentist 11/11/2021 
60-7 Chart on delegable duties to dental assistants 2/3/2022 
60-8 Educational requirements for dental assistants II 11/11/2021 
60-9 Policy on Sanctioning for Practicing with an Expired License 8/4/2022