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Virginia Information Technologies Agency
Virginia Information Technologies Agency
21 guidance documents relevant to this board for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
7309 ITCL Policy for Procuring and Managing Contingent Labor Resources 10/26/2023 
7314 IT Procurement Policy for Enhancing and Expanding Contracting Opportunities for Small, Women- and Minority-owned Businesses 12/7/2020 
7317 IT Procurement: Emergency Procurement 7/1/2021 
7319 IT Procurement: Sole Source Policy 7/1/2020 
7320 IT Procurement: Joint and Cooperative Procurement Policy 7/1/2022 
7321 IT Procurement: Small Purchase Policy 12/7/2023 
7323 IT Procurement: Telecommunications Waiver Policy 8/8/2018 
7324 IT Procurement: Authority and Delegation Policies 7/1/2021 
7383 Commonwealth Security and Cloud Requirements 7/1/2018 
7675 IT procurement manual - Buy IT - 01-2024 update 3/28/2024 
CPM 110-04 Project Management Guideline 11/15/2021 
CPM 111-05 Project Manager Selection and Training Standard 4/19/2022 
CPM 112-04 Project Management Standard 11/22/2021  Changes Being Made
CPM 516-03 Information Technology Investment Management Standard 10/1/2021 
EA 200-03.1 Enterprise Architecture Policy 2/21/2018 
EA 225-15.2 Enterprise Architecture Standard 10/31/2019  Changes Being Made
EA 300-01 Cloud Based Hosting Services Information Technology Solutions Policy 10/15/2018 
GOV 101 Policy, Standard, and Guideline Formulation Standard 2/29/2024 
GOV 102-02 Information Technology Resource Management Policy 6/1/2016 
SEC503-02.2 Secure Remote Access to Online Court Documents Standard 6/21/2017 
SEC505-00.2 Virginia Real Property Electronic Recording Standard 5/21/2021