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Description of Proposed Guidance Document Changes
The updates include changes relevant to the regulation revision that went into effect on January 14, 2022. Primarily, the revised guidance document provides information for licensees to name an Associate Radiation Safety Officer (ARSO) or Ophthalmic Physicist on the radioactive materials license. The guide contains the required information to be submitted for approval of the ARSO and Ophthalmic Physicist as well as examples of duties for each position. Additionally, there are several updates to content in line with the revisions to the equivalent federal regulatory guide, NUREG 1556 Volume 9 Revision 3 Program-Specific Guidance About Medical Use Licenses. These updates include expanded Radiation Safety Officer and ARSO duties, updates to the template for program audits, information on proper sanitary sewer disposal of radioactive materials, and updates to radioactive materials patient release criteria pursuant to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 8.39. Regulatory Guide 8.39 is now incorporated in this guidance document by reference. Finally, several grammatical and formatting changes were made to the document for ease of reading.
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The agency is considering feedback and has not yet made a decision to confirm or delay the proposed changes.
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ORH-720-G Medical Licenses pdf Document     pdf Proposed Document
Contact Information
Lea Perlas
Director, Office of Radiological Health
109 Governor St
The Virginia Register

Publication Date: 3/14/2022    Volume: 38  Issue: 15
The public comment period began upon publication and extended for 30 days. It ended on 4/13/2022.
There were no comments

Effective Date:  4/14/2022 
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