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General Notice: Draft: Mental Health Services Provider Manual (Formerly CMHRS)

CLOSED     Opened on 4/16/2021 and Ended on 5/16/2021

The draft Mental Health Services manual (Chapters II, IV, V, VI, and Appendix C, D, and E) is now available on the Magellan website for public comment until May 16, 2021.

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Comment Title Commenter
MH-IOP Provider Manual Input Virginia Association of Community-Based Providers (VACBP)  5/16/21  8:12 pm
App. E Leslie Sharp, NRVCS  5/15/21  4:44 pm
Mental Health Services (formerly CMHRS) App. D Pg. 11 Morgan Ketner-White  5/14/21  12:47 pm
MH Services Manual draft Rebecca Cash, Valley Community Services Board  5/14/21  9:29 am
Chapter VI New Manual - old psych services and CMHRS Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:15 pm
Requiring document number of people in groups Chapter VI Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:13 pm
Chapter VI Comprehensive Needs Assessment Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:11 pm
Chapter VI Easy Access To Crisis Services Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:10 pm
Chapter VI: Allowing Master's Level Interns Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:08 pm
Chapter IV Comprehensive Needs Assessment Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:06 pm
Registrations Chapter IV Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:05 pm
Chapter IV: Paper work reduction, Comprehensive Needs Assessments Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  5:04 pm
ACT Appendix D additional tamara starnes  5/13/21  5:01 pm
ACT Appendix D Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  4:56 pm
Registration and Authorization Appendix C Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  4:54 pm
Appendix E Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  4:51 pm
MH IOP and PH, Appendix E Tamara Starnes  5/13/21  4:47 pm
Comment Natalie Handy  4/30/21  7:19 am
Mental Health Services (formerly CMHRS) App. D/ Provider Qualifications and ACT Billing Guidance ICT Services, Inc  4/28/21  5:07 pm
Draft-Mental Health Services Manual (formerly CMHRS) Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board  4/27/21  9:42 am
Mental Health – Intensive Outpatient Program (MH-IOP) Kristina Turner Intercept Health  4/26/21  11:03 am
Comments RE: MH-IOP Jennifer Sherman, LPC  4/26/21  9:28 am
Discharge Planning Janice A Hinkledire  4/19/21  3:22 pm
Appendix C includes an outdated link Janice A Hinkledire  4/19/21  3:11 pm
Telehealth, Silos Glenn Mathews  4/18/21  7:20 pm

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