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Training in infection control
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CLOSED     Opened on 3/1/2021 and Ended on 3/31/2021

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Comment Title Commenter
Support Training and Infection Control for DA I Kelly Tanner, PhD, RDH  4/1/21  12:00 am
DAI Training in Infection Control Barry Lee Green, DMD, MS  3/31/21  11:37 pm
DA I infection Prevention and Control Training MARGARET L GREEN  3/31/21  11:29 pm
Support Infection Prevention and Control for Dental Assistants I Michael Berard  3/31/21  11:23 pm
Support Infection Prevention and Control for Dental Assistants I Cathy Berard  3/31/21  11:20 pm
Required infection control for DA Cassie Sissom  3/31/21  11:06 pm
Opposition to additional required infection control training for dental assistants Rashmi Bhatt  3/31/21  11:00 pm
Strongly Agree Kristin Barnes  3/31/21  10:26 pm
Dental Assistant and infectious control Gloria Langmeyer. VDAA  3/31/21  10:26 pm
DA certification Sheila B. Sheats, RDH  3/31/21  10:23 pm
Required Infection Control (ICE) Support Kendal Wagner, CDA  3/31/21  10:06 pm
Infection Control for DAs is Essential Savannah Thomas  3/31/21  9:50 pm
Infection Control for the DAI Maureen P. McCann Sawin,RDH,BSDH  3/31/21  9:15 pm
Dental Assistants Sherry Basham, RDH, MSDH  3/31/21  9:07 pm
Infection Control for DAIs Susan Pharr, RDH, BSDH  3/31/21  9:06 pm
New Regulatory action James F Londrey, DDS  3/31/21  7:59 pm
For ALL DA personnel to have control over their education! Heather Tuthill, MPH, BSDH, RDH  3/31/21  7:58 pm
infection control Glenna Gagnon  3/31/21  4:22 pm
Support Griselda Lopez  3/31/21  4:07 pm
All DA must be trained in Infection Control Debbie Thomas, CDA, RDH, BSDH  3/31/21  3:21 pm
Strongly Disagree with NOIRA Action 5505 Smile By Design, A Division of Atlantic Dental Association, PLC  3/31/21  2:56 pm
Support and encourage Infection Control training for supporting Dental Assistants Natalie Baxter  3/31/21  2:56 pm
Infection control training for Dental Assistants John Monacell, DDS  3/31/21  2:31 pm
I STRONGLY AGREE Stephanie Bettis, RDH/DA  3/31/21  2:06 pm
Agree with infection control certification Tiina Hobbs  3/31/21  1:31 pm
Opposition to Additional Regulation Danielle Robb  3/31/21  1:28 pm
I agree Taylor Fairfax, CDA  3/31/21  9:37 am
Opposed to proposed redundant regulation Jeffrey Randall Bek  3/31/21  9:03 am
In favor of DA to have infection certificate John Sellers DDS  3/31/21  8:50 am
DAI infection Control Heather Bowling  3/31/21  8:35 am
Infection control and DA 1 Margaret Capocelli  3/31/21  8:27 am
Opposition to unneeded, redundant IC training for DA Charles Jewett DDS  3/31/21  12:33 am
Opposition to required addirional infection control training for dental assistants Tiffany F Kessler DDS London Bridge Smiles A Division of Atlantic Dental Ca  3/30/21  9:49 pm
I am Opposed to Additional Certification in Infection Control for Dental Assistants. Edward Joseph Weisberg  3/30/21  9:44 pm
I DO NOT Support additional regulation on infection control education & training dental assistants Dr A B Hammond III  3/30/21  6:31 pm
Strongly opposed to additional infection control requirements for assistants Heath Cash  3/30/21  4:05 pm
opposition to proposed additional training for dental assistants Steven A Carroll DDS  3/30/21  12:56 pm
Opposing Ursula Klostermyer  3/30/21  11:00 am
In complete agreement with Dr. Vaughn in opposing more layers of legislation redundancy GERALD Q FREEMAN JR DDS LLC  3/30/21  10:59 am
opposition to proposed additional training for dental assistants Richard W Bates DDS  3/30/21  7:51 am
Opposition to proposal. Michael Newman DMD  3/29/21  7:57 pm
Infection control regulation Robert Feild , Feild Dentistry  3/29/21  7:56 pm
Additional infection control training McKenzie Woodard  3/29/21  7:32 pm
Infection control training and certification for assistants Thomas Olivero  3/29/21  7:26 pm
Oppose Additional Dental Assistant Training Requirements Michael Hutchings, DDS, Hampton Family Dentistry  3/29/21  7:04 pm
Opposition to New Regulations for Training for Dental Assistants Milan Bhagat  3/29/21  5:38 pm
Opposing to new regulations for Dental Assistants William Munn DDS  3/29/21  5:32 pm
Oppose the additional requirements for dental assistants David Circeo  3/29/21  5:20 pm
Opposition to additional training Scott H Francis DDS  3/29/21  3:54 pm
Oppose the additional requirement for dental assistants ! Dr Don Cherry  3/29/21  3:29 pm
Opposition to requirements for Dental Assistants Peter Murchie DDS  3/29/21  3:18 pm
Opposition to new proposal due to it's redundant nature with current training Gregory Kontopanos, DDS  3/29/21  3:05 pm
Opposing to new regulations for Dental Assistants Carmen Cote  3/29/21  2:53 pm
Against new regulation regarding dental assistants Ellis Family Dentistry - Jonathan Ellis DDS  3/29/21  2:37 pm
Opposition to Proposal Ryan Simone, DDS  3/29/21  1:36 pm
Against new regulation Ralph L Howell, Jr., DDS, MAGD  3/29/21  1:28 pm
New regulatory requirement issue K. Vaughan, DDS  3/29/21  12:40 pm
Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA) 5505 Weisberg  3/29/21  12:15 pm
oppose this regulation Mollie Gioffre, DDS  3/29/21  11:48 am
Oppose new and redundant certification Ronald C Fuhrmann DDS  3/29/21  11:44 am
Oppose new regulation Michael Morgan, DDS  3/29/21  11:10 am
Infection Control for Dental Assistants I American Association of Orthodontists  3/28/21  11:35 am
NOIRA regarding additional training for infection control George Sabol  3/28/21  9:31 am
Notices of Intended Regulatory Action Denise Nguyen, DDS  3/27/21  6:50 pm
Against Unneeded Regulation Walter E Saxon Jr  3/27/21  10:11 am
Oppose additional Regulations William G. Horbaly, D.D.S., M.S., M.D.S.  3/25/21  2:11 pm
Against another regulation Roger A. Palmer, DDS  3/23/21  10:06 pm
In strong favor of Certification for Dental Assistants Summer Marquette Woodard  3/23/21  2:11 pm
Support for IC Certification Angela Smith  3/17/21  1:11 pm
Opposed to this new requirement Richard F Roadcap DDS  3/16/21  9:12 pm
Practice of Dental Assisting (18 VA 60-30) - Training in Infection Control Betty Fox  3/15/21  2:28 pm
Against Certification Requirement Matthew Stephens  3/14/21  8:16 am
Infection Control for DA I's Misty Mesimer, Germanna Community College  3/11/21  11:31 am
Against Certification Austin Westover  3/6/21  8:11 am
DA's need to be Infection Control Certified Heather Fonda  3/1/21  11:50 am

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