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[REPEALED] Board for Waterworks and Wastewater Works Operators and Onsite Sewage System Professionals Regulations [18 VAC 160 ‑ 20]
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Amend regulations to license onsite sewage system professionals.
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CLOSED     Opened on 5/25/2009 and Ended on 6/24/2009

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Well we have all been waiting for this moment to arrive... Ken Carbaugh  6/24/09  7:56 pm
Suggested changes Sandra Gentry, Gentry Septic Tank Service  6/24/09  8:56 am
Definition unclear Rick  6/19/09  2:17 pm
Expand interim license Jim  6/18/09  2:01 pm
Home Inspector Regulations: Add similar rules Chris Weaks  6/17/09  1:49 pm
Does Board regulate activities not specifically mentioned in rules? Bill  6/16/09  12:15 pm
Section 90 change Jim  6/14/09  5:20 pm
One more Section 76 thought Tom  6/14/09  4:48 pm
Section 76 Change Tom  6/14/09  4:42 pm
Can OSE inspect sewage systems? Bill Huett  6/14/09  3:36 pm
Section 140 change Chris Martin  6/14/09  2:13 pm
Section 84 Paul Ellis  6/14/09  2:04 pm
Installer Definition more limited Mike Janis  6/14/09  1:58 pm
Catch 22 Paul Ellis  6/14/09  1:12 pm
Continuing Professional Credit changes Mathew Mills  6/14/09  1:08 pm
Have rule to require filing of records John Kratzer  6/14/09  12:57 pm
Are Operators, OSEs, and Installers also contractors? Mark Liepold  6/14/09  12:52 pm
Board allowed variances Jay Moore  6/11/09  9:17 pm
Include inspection in definition Bill Love  6/11/09  9:13 pm
Where are the forms incorporated by reference? Leon Delaney  6/11/09  9:09 pm
Interim License for Operators and Installers Michael Swartz  6/11/09  1:53 pm
Interim License VDH Employee  6/11/09  7:55 am

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