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On this Guidance Document (Property lines along public roads without recorded fee simple right of way)

CLOSED     Opened on 8/31/2020 and Ended on 9/30/2020

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Area totals in prescriptive R/Ws. W.E. Nash, L.S., Town of Farmville  9/30/20  2:25 pm
Comments on July 15 Guidance Document/rules change for Ralph O. Clements, L. S., Director of Surveying, Gay And Neel, Inc.  9/28/20  3:44 pm
Property lines along Public Roads...WO Recorded Fee simple... Patrick Leary  9/4/20  10:51 am
The 1932 Byrd road act established the right-of-way width as 30 feet unless otherwise established. Merlin F. McLaughlin  9/3/20  11:31 pm
Property Lines Along Public Roads Without Recorded Fee Simple Right-of-Way Bryan Chambers  9/3/20  5:10 pm
Public ROWs with unrecorded ROW widths Donna Cantrell  9/3/20  4:41 pm

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