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On this Guidance Document (Guidance on conversion therapy)

CLOSED     Opened on 12/23/2019 and Ended on 1/22/2020

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Twofold Support of this Guidance Document Adam Trimmer, Born Perfect  1/20/20  5:25 pm
Support of Guidance on Ban of Conversion Therapy Kristen Tully  1/16/20  10:12 am
Prejudice has no place in healthcare Emil Morris  1/14/20  1:25 pm
We must discontinue this ineffective and damaging practice. Ban conversion therapy. Brigitte Williams  1/9/20  9:36 pm
Let's have evidence-based policy, please Katie Burke  1/9/20  7:47 pm
BANNING CONVERSION THERAPY Kenneth Olshansky  1/9/20  2:41 pm
Side by Side Supports a Ban on "Conversion Therapy" Ted Lewis, Side by Side Va, Inc.  1/9/20  10:48 am
Support for Guidance Document regarding so-called “conversion therapy” Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign  1/6/20  1:18 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy in its entirety Dylan Potente, VCU class of ‘19, B.S in Political Science  12/29/19  8:18 pm
Support Ban on Conversion Therapy Camille Dwyer, BSN, RN  12/28/19  8:57 am
Support the Ban on Conversion Therapy Kaitlyn Fox, NREMT, B.S in Biology  12/27/19  9:22 pm
Guidance document support Lynne Fetter, VCU MSW class of 2021  12/27/19  8:59 pm
Conversion therapy hurts vulnerable people and has no medical validity or social merit. Ban it! Melinda Baumann  12/27/19  7:43 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kathleen Green, BSN  12/27/19  3:26 pm
Support the ban on conversion therapy Katherine D  12/27/19  2:20 pm
Support Elizabeth Florek  12/27/19  2:11 pm
Re: Support for the Board of Nursing Guidance regarding the Practice of Conversion Therapy Casey Pick, The Trevor Project  12/26/19  2:59 pm

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