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On these (2) Guidance Documents (DD 3, DD 2 )

CLOSED     Opened on 10/14/2019 and Ended on 11/13/2019

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Competency comments NRVCS  11/13/19  8:19 pm
DSP and Supervisor DD Waiver Orientation and Competencies Protocol Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services  11/13/19  6:07 pm
DSP and Supervisor DD Waiver Orientation and Competencies Protocol Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services  11/13/19  5:53 pm
DSP Competency Comments Kim Black, Hope House Foundaiton  11/13/19  5:47 pm
concerns John Humphreys  11/13/19  5:06 pm
Competency Checklist/Protocol Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/13/19  4:12 pm
Direct Support Professional (DSP) and DSP Supervisor DD Waiver Orientation and Competencies Protocol Deanna Rennon, Wall Residences  11/13/19  1:55 pm
VA advanced competencies Rebecca Ledingham, Wall Residences  11/13/19  1:51 pm
Professional Titles in the competencies Christy Evanko, Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis  11/13/19  12:12 pm
DSP Competencies Torrie Goodman-Hanover CSB  11/13/19  10:07 am
Comments - DSP Competencies Ken Crum, ServiceSource  11/12/19  6:30 pm
DSP Competencies MVLE Joanne Orchant Aceto  11/12/19  3:36 pm
DSP Competencies Joanne Orchant Aceto , MVLE  11/12/19  3:31 pm
Revised DBHDS Staff & Staff Supervisory Competency Protocols and Competency Check-list Michelle Lotrecchiano, MVLE Inc.  11/12/19  3:30 pm
DSP Competencies Comment Rachel Payne, Didlake  11/12/19  1:39 pm
Comments on DSP Aaron Brabson, Disability Advocate  11/12/19  1:11 pm
Comments to Proposed Guidance Document Updates referencing Competency Protocol/Checklist Amanda Craig, Wall Residences  11/12/19  12:32 pm
COMMENTS - DSP & Supervisor Staff Competency & Checklist Karen Tefelski, vaACCSES  11/12/19  11:30 am
Competency Comments Holly Rhodenhizer, Lutheran Family Services of Virginia  11/8/19  3:24 pm
DSP Competencies Myca E. Gray, MVLE  11/8/19  2:31 pm
DSP Competencies Western Tidewater CSB  11/7/19  4:38 pm
Additional Autism Competencies Andie Plumley -Support Services ofVirginia  10/30/19  11:32 am
Competency 3 Changes Andie Plumley - Support Services of Virginia Inc.  10/30/19  11:12 am
QI Manager Lynn Brackenridge  10/29/19  5:24 pm
Comments on Competency Protocol/Checklist Jennifer G. Fidura  10/28/19  1:14 pm
Clarification needed Deborah Dohmann, HNNCSB  10/25/19  1:18 pm
Clarification Gail Dutchess; Capriccio Elite, LLC  10/23/19  8:27 am
DSP/Supervisor Competencies Mary Harrison / Richmond Behavioral Health Authority  10/22/19  7:58 pm
DSP Orientation and Competencies Gail Dutchess; Capriccio Elite, LLC  10/22/19  10:21 am
Proposed DSP Compentencies/ QDDP Laurie Midkiff  10/21/19  10:39 am
Retaking the orientation test Diana Wilson WorkSource  10/21/19  9:45 am
DSP competencies: Abuse and Neglect Reporting Peter Mazure  10/18/19  2:39 pm
Proposed Competencies Robert Larkin Richmond Residential Services, Inc  10/15/19  8:44 am

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