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 Comment Title  Commenter
Public hearing Susan Nelson-Kidd  3/11/19  5:15 pm
Public hearing Shelly carver  3/9/19  10:38 pm
Public hearing Ed Shahmouradian  3/9/19  9:52 pm
Public Hearing Paul Hysell  3/8/19  5:44 pm
requesting a public hearing Mary Anne Dellinger  3/8/19  4:34 pm
Public Hearing Julia Hysell  3/8/19  10:12 am
Public Hearing Reginald Lewis  3/6/19  10:10 am
Public hearing Tanya price  3/5/19  3:11 pm
Public hearing James Brody  3/4/19  12:40 pm
Request townhall mtg Michelle Fonville  2/27/19  6:49 am
Public hearing Josefina dilday  2/25/19  5:07 pm
Public hearing Lisa Bland  2/25/19  12:51 pm
Public hearing Esther Walters  2/23/19  9:17 pm
I request a public hearing Rachael walters  2/22/19  5:35 pm
Public hearing Orlando Bartlett  2/22/19  10:11 am
Public Hearing Request Geoffrey Patrick  2/21/19  9:51 pm
I request a public hearing Tom Petrick  2/21/19  9:19 pm
Public Hearing Chris Little  2/21/19  9:13 pm
Public hearing Laura Taylor  2/21/19  8:23 pm
Public hearing Matt Lennon  2/21/19  1:04 pm
Request hearing. Dianne Bell  2/20/19  5:28 pm
Public hearing ELLEN Yerry  2/20/19  2:19 pm
I request a Public Hearing. JoAnn Lankford  2/20/19  11:09 am
Public hearing Kari mahoney  2/20/19  6:28 am
Public hearing David Hites  2/19/19  12:43 pm

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