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Periodic Review status of 8 chapters for the Library of Virginia (Library Board).
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17 VAC 15-11 Public Participation Guidelines
17 VAC 15-20 Standards for the Microfilming of Public Records 3/19/2013 3/19/2017
17 VAC 15-50 Standards for Computer Output Microfilm (Com) for Archival Retention 3/19/2013 3/19/2017
17 VAC 15-61 Standards for Recorded Permanent Instruments
17 VAC 15-90 Requirements Which Must be Met By Libraries Serving a Population of Less than 5,000 in Order to Receive State Grants-in-Aid 4/5/2013 4/5/2017
17 VAC 15-100 Certification of Librarians 4/10/2013 4/10/2017
17 VAC 15-110 Requirements Which Must be Met in Order to Receive Grants-in-Aid 3/19/2013 3/19/2017
17 VAC 15-120 Regulations Governing the Destruction of Public Records Containing Social Security Numbers 6/22/2012 6/22/2016