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9/8/17  9:46 am
Commenter: Tara Pappas, UMFS

Chapter IV page 23

On this page it discusses the seclusion/restraint reporting requirements.  There is a statement that all serious incidents should be sent to Magellan within 1 business day.

Can the writing be specific that serious incidents involving restraint or seclusion are sent within one business day? 

This will alleviate confusion among providers and prevent Magellan from receiving an overflow of serious incidents not related to restraints.

9/8/17  9:57 am
Commenter: Tara Pappas, UMFS

Chapter 2 Psychiatric Services; page 9; #4

In this section, it discusses the need for contract with service providers for "services provided under arrangement".  The need for a fully executed contract with other service providers has become a cumbersome process.  Is it possible for the referral itself to include information about sharing medical records and NPI information rather than attempting to obtain a full contract?  Many providers are not willing to sign a contract (or letter of agreement) or have long processes to obtain signatures on a contract which would impede the proper and needed care for youth.