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7/23/18  12:31 pm
Commenter: Danielle Burchell

Solar & Wind

I would like to see a large shift into utilizing solar and wind over fossil fuels. I would also like to see stricter regulations in place to protect our state from fracking and pipelines. The regulations currently in place allow for private companies ongoing pursuit of avarice to out weigh a citizens private property rights. Emiment domain or manifest destiny? I funamently do not belive that a private company should be allowed to utilize an unwilling citizens lands to pepetuate their own avarice. Especially farmers who require healthy land in order to pursue happiness. It's wrong. 

It is absoloutely silly that we are not aggresively moving in a forward direction to harness the sun for energy. It's right there, get it. I would also like to see more incentives for homeowners in regards to solar energy. Also, the tesla storage batteries could be very useful for more urban areas. They store grid power when the cost it at it's lowest (middle of the day) and allows the home to then use the stored power during peak energy prices ( night time).

Fracking should be illegal. Enviromental protections need to be increased.