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Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in Virginia [8 VAC 20 ‑ 542]
Action Comprehensive Revision of the Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in
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Comment Period Ends 10/31/2015
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10/30/15  3:35 pm
Commenter: Mark Ginsberg, Ellen Rodgers; George Mason University

GMU - 8VAC20-542-140

2 (section on new language on online instruction – line 11 on page) - Add to sentence “understanding of the principles of blended learning and online instructional strategies…..

3 - Page59: In the assessment section needs to be outlined the importance of all teachers being knowledgeable and skillful to accurately assess English Language Learners in their subject matter

Line 4: Add after “summative assessments” and state standards based requirements

Line 5, change: skills to design and adopt assessments to identify the learning needs

Line 7: Added to sentence “Skills also include understanding the relationship…….” Also we want to point in this section that we have an assessment course and assessment and instruction course in ECE.  

Line 10: Include in the paragraph the importance of performance based assessment. .. 

“Using a variety of formats”, including performance based assessments.

4 - Page 60: Line 5, add after “including federal and state laws,” including the rights of language minority students

5 - Page 60: Line 7, add after “based upon,” culturally responsive, behavioral….

Line 11, add after “safe, orderly classroom environment” that is accepting and welcoming of all students.

Classroom and behavior management - Added TO SENTENCE “This area shall address diverse approaches……….and practice and developmentally appropriate ways to respond to children and their needs.

6 - Page 60:  Revise beginning Line 2 and following:  “Skills in this area shall be designed to impart reading comprehension skills and strategies in English, mathematics, science, history and social sciences and other content areas.  Reading strategies include pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading strategies, including summarizing and using context clues to determine meaning of unknown vocabulary.  Writing strategies include organization of writing in various genres or text structures, including description, comparison/contrast, sequence, cause/effect and problem/solution.

Page 61: Line 2, add after “adolescent learners” and students with interrupted schooling

Reading - Changed wording to sentence “ Strategies include…………….both verbal and in writing- Verbal should be replaced with spoken or oral. Take out “for adolescent learners”. In reading we focus on early years.

6b (1) - Take out “Phonetics”

6b (2) - Insert “reading shall include phonemic and other phonological” awareness……..