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State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Virginia Student Financial Assistance Program Regulations
12 guidance documents relevant to this chapter

ID Title Revision Date Date Posted
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
2855 Policies and Procedures for Program Approval 4/1/2016  2/26/2018 
2857 Program Productivity/Viability at Public Institutions 10/1/2013  12/14/2016 
2858 Organizational Changes at Public Institutions: Policies and Procedures for Internal and Off-Campus Organizational Changes 8/1/2013  12/14/2016 
2863 Chart of Accounts for Virginia State-Supported Colleges and Universities 12/14/2015  12/17/2015 
2868 Higher Education Fixed Assets Guidelines for Educational and General Programs 11/1/2010  12/17/2015 
2869 Equipment Trust Funds Policies and Procedures 6/26/2013  7/11/2013 
5018 Academic Credentialing Evaluation Services 8/23/2012  8/23/2012 
5272 Guidelines on Course Registration Policies for Military-Related Students at Virginia Public Higher Education Institutions 3/19/2013  12/14/2016 
5798 Virginia Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program 7/1/2015  7/1/2015 
5864 Public Institutions Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Contracts 6/1/2015  12/10/2015 
5898 Financial Assistance for Industry-Based Certification and Related Programs 7/18/2017  3/2/2018 
BOARD: State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
3122 Tuition Relief Guidelines 9/21/2010  12/14/2016 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.