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FAMIS MOMS - Remove Third Trimester Managed Care Exclusion
Stage: Fast-Track

12VAC30-141-880. Assignment to managed care.

A. All eligible enrollees shall be assigned in managed care through the department or the central processing unit (CPU) under contract to DMAS. FAMIS MOMS individuals, during the preassignment period to an MCHIP, shall receive Medicaid-like benefits via fee-for-service utilizing a FAMIS MOMS card issued by DMAS. After assignment to an MCHIP, benefits and the delivery of benefits shall be administered specific to the managed care program in which the individual is enrolled.

1. MCHIPs shall be offered to enrollees in all areas.

2. All enrollees shall be assigned to that contracted MCHIP.

3. Enrollees shall be assigned through a random system algorithm.

4. Enrolled individuals will receive a letter indicating that they may select one of the contracted MCHIPs that serve such area. Enrollees who do not select an MCHIP as described above, shall be assigned to an MCHIP as described in subdivision 3 of this subsection.

5. Individuals assigned to an MCHIP who lose and then regain eligibility for FAMIS MOMS within 60 days will be reassigned to their previous MCHIP.

B. Following their initial assignment to an MCHIP, those enrollees shall be restricted to that MCHIP until their next annual eligibility redetermination, unless appropriately disenrolled by the department.

1. During the first 90 calendar days of managed care assignment, an enrollee may request reassignment for any reason from that MCHIP to another MCHIP serving that geographic area. Such reassignment shall be effective no later than the first day of the second month after the month in which the enrollee requests reassignment.

2. After the first 90 calendar days of the assignment period, the enrollee may only be reassigned from one MCHIP to another MCHIP upon determination by DMAS that good cause exists pursuant to subsection C of this section.

C. Disenrollment for good cause may be requested at any time.

1. After the first 90 days of assignment in managed care, enrollees may request disenrollment from DMAS based on good cause. The request must be made in writing to DMAS and cite the reasons why the enrollee wishes to be reassigned. The department shall establish procedures for good cause reassignment through written policy directives.

2. DMAS shall determine whether good cause exists for reassignment.

D. Exclusion for assignment to a MCHIP. The following individuals shall be excluded from assignment to a MCHIP. Newly eligible individuals who are in the third trimester of pregnancy and who request exclusion within a department-specified time frame of the effective date of their MCHIP enrollment. Exclusion may be granted only if the member's obstetrical provider (physician or hospital) does not participate with the enrollee's assigned MCHIP. Exclusion requests made during the third trimester may be made by the enrollee, MCHIP, or provider. DMAS shall determine if the request meets the criteria for exclusion.