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Mandate 832

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Amend Hospital Regulations – Psychiatric Services/Denial of Admissions
Purpose of legislation
HB1777 requires the Board of Health to include in the Regulations for the licensure of hospitals the requirement that hospitals providing psychiatric services establish a protocol to address the refusal for admission of medically stable patients referred for psychiatric care. The protocol would include direct verbal communication between the on-call psychiatric physician and the referring physician and would prohibit on-call physicians or other hospital staff from refusing a request for direct verbal communication by a referring physician.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 175 (2017)
VAC chapters to be amended
12 vac 5 - 410 : Regulations for the Licensure of Hospitals in Virginia
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 4834: Amend Regulations to Conform to Provisions of HB1777 of 2017 Session
Latest Stage: no stages yet
Deadline for the regulation to become effective 10/1/2017
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