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Guidance Document Change: The Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools guidance document was developed in response to House Bill 145 and Senate Bill 161, enacted by the 2020 Virginia General Assembly, which directed the Virginia Department of Education to develop and make available to each school board model policies concerning the treatment of transgender students in public elementary and secondary schools. These guidelines address common issues regarding transgender students in accordance with evidence-based best practices and include information, guidance, procedures, and standards relating to: compliance with applicable nondiscrimination laws; maintenance of a safe and supportive learning environment free from discrimination and harassment for all students; prevention of and response to bullying and harassment; maintenance of student records; identification of students; protection of student privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive information; enforcement of sex-based dress codes; and student participation in sex-specific school activities, events, and use of school facilities.
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1/7/21  7:15 pm
Commenter: David Lang

Strongly Oppose this policy

I strongly oppose this policy.  It is detrimental to parental rights, destructive in its aim to corrupt our children and ignores basic science.  Our schools should be facilities of education and not indoctrination.  When our schools are graduating students that are illiterate, have low math scores and no grasp of history or life skills, there are much higher priorities than gender "choices".  Our current political climate shows our schools are failing our students.  They are graduating college with high debt and no skills.  We have college graduates that cannot make a budget or balance their checkbook. There is little personal responsibility and no real understanding of the debt the students chose to take on.

Parental rights should be given top priority.  Our students should not have to be re-educated when they get home to learn family values and gain emotional stability.  Parents should not have to fight the school system to prevent schools from teaching unbiblical and unrealistic new norms.  As this reaches into personal and religious beliefs, it is the parents choice as to whether this should be taught to their children.  Any attempt to bypass the parents decision should be immediately dismissed as a course of action.

How would you determine at what age this is acceptable to be taught?  The truth is you can't determine it.  Children drive at 16, vote at 18 (and are considered legal adults) and yet we restrict them from drinking until they reach 21 because they do not have the maturity to make that decision.  If they are not mature enough to have an adult beverage, they are certainly not mature enough to "choose" their gender.    No child under the age of 18 should have this propaganda taught to them.  They lack the maturity to have stable relationships and adolescence is difficult enough with out having this nonsense pushed on them.

Finally, there is a lot of discussion about science and science deniers.  We cannot have it both ways.  We cannot say follow the science on climate change at the same time saying ignore the science that there are two genders.  We cannot claim that we are teaching facts that the earth is round and then turn around and say gender is fluid.  Facts and data matter.  The greatest generation had the advantage of going through tough times and realize that there are facts in the world we may not like.  That made them stronger, not weaker.  We are weakening our youth by letting them choose the facts they want to believe.  Science is the study of facts and learning based on data.  We cannot teach our children that facts and data do not matter and expect to excel as a society.

Thank you

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