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10/11/11  8:18 am
Commenter: Mike K

Gay parents are fine.

1. In the absence of widely accepted, peer-reviewed credible research indicating otherwise, it appears that children raised by gay couples have similar outcomes as those raised by straight couples.  

2. Given the tremendous number of children waiting for adoption, it seems incredible to argue that they're better off bouncing from foster family to foster family, waiting for a forever home, than being placed with stable adoptive parents that happen to be gay.

3. Further, given the heartbreaking number of children who are raised by their abusive biological parents who expose them to sex, drugs and lord knows what other bad influences without any opportunity for the state to intervene, it would seem incongruous for the state to let the pendulum swing past the other extreme and prohibit loving, stable, supportive parents who happen to be gay to adopt children into their home.

4. I appreciate the sentiments of some of the religious organizations out there that feel they shouldn't be forced to sacrifice their decision to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.  The goal of adoption agencies should be to place children with loving families--period.  I understand that a particular agency may subscribe to particular religious views, but I fail to see how, say, a Catholic ground could feel that a pair of otherwise fit parents are unfit solely because of their religious choices.

5. Assertions that faith-based adoption agencies would sooner shut their doors than adopt a child to a gay couple are mean spirited and indicate that these agencies put pedagogy over mission.

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