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10/11/11  8:16 am
Commenter: Rachel Fulk-Chavez

I support the LGBT community in wanting the right to adopt.

In my opinion, I really feel like people need to put the children in need of families before their predjudices.  These children just want a home with people to love them.  A heterosexual family does not ensure a safe, loving home.  How many "Christian" heterosexual families abuse their children, neglect them or because of their fighting hurt their family's trust?  Just because someone is homosexual does not mean they do not have the abiity to raise a well adjusted member of society.  There is enough hate and predjudice in the world already, and the children that need a family don't care if there are two dads, two moms, if they are blue or orange, or if they are a mother and a father.  These kids just want a family, and by saying perfectly capable people do not have the right to give these children what they need, they are doing a huge disservice to their futures and very possibly to the country.  If the religious based adoption agencies do not wish to allow it for religious reasons, then so be it, but to put a manditory regulation that all adoption agencies can not allow same sex couples to adopt, then it becomes more an infringement on rights that everyone as American's should be allowed to enjoy, just not the select ones that certain people deem "good enough".  We do have seperation of Church and State and it's time it is upheld on many issues.


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