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10/11/11  7:36 am
Commenter: Wendy Nassmacher, resident of Falls Church

Religious freedom essential

While discrimination often hides behind nice titles and conservative bastiens of society, I do not find the belief in the traditional family to be discriminatory.  On the contrary, traditional families --with a father and mother -- though increasingly rare perhaps, still provide a vital base of society and ought to be encouraged and rewarded.   Faith-based groups who insist on finding adoptive homes that have traditional family structures do not disadvantage either the children or homosexual couples who wish to adopt.  The children are given the most stable opportunity to thrive possible, and homosexual couples who wish to adopt still have many options.  Society has the greatest net good by continuing to provide state funding to faith-based adoption agencies.   The traditional family -a father and mother with children- is an essential component of a healthy society.  Faith-based groups provide vital adoption services, and cannot/should not be forced to choose between their faith-based belief in the importance of the traditional family and the availability of state money or the ability to participate in child placement services.  

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