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10/11/11  12:00 am
Commenter: Bryan Charles Moore, William and Mary Law LGBT Equality Alliance

Gay and Lesbians Couples Should Be Allowed to Adopt

It is crucial to the development of a child both social and physically that they are nurtured and maintained by caring, competent supervision. Denying homosexual couples the right to adopt only denies children the right to have better lives and brighter futures. It is unreasonable to not let otherwise fully capable couples to adopt a child simply on the grounds of prejudice and discrimination. It is in the best interest for the child to have capable, loving parents and this is not determined by whether or not someone is openly homosexual. Gay and lesbian couples, along with the LGBT community in general, would not force anyone to become homosexual or promote any type of "homosexual agenda" rather than advancing fairness and equality for all couples. It is in the best interest of the state and its people to place children in as many loving, caring homes that can provide for them as possible and it is selfish to put one's political or ideological views over the needs of an innocent child who is not given a say in the matter. 

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