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Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
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10/10/11  11:44 pm
Commenter: John Donovan

LGBT's are using these children to further their political agenda - Punishing LGBT "enemies"

Same-sex attracted persons have a sexual addiction to members of their own sex - some of these psycho-sexually disordered persons have united into the LGBT movement.  They want everyone else to validate that their self-destructive behavior is ok, just as a alcoholic wants his self-destructive behavior accepted so he can satisfy his addiction to alcohol without consequences.  Sexual addicts are not healthy people even if they can engage in healthy behavior for 90% of the time.  Just as an alcoholic is not a healthy person even if he can engage in healthy behavior 90% of the time.  

The so-called "anti-discrimination" supporters I have read in this town hall are trying to force those who don't support their way of life out of the public arena - and into ghettoes.  We have seen where this has lead in the past.

The April 20 regulations satisfy the complaints of the gay-adoption advocates.  If gays are committed to helping gays adopt, then they are free to form private adoption agencies for that purpose.  The tolerant view is to allow private and religious organizations to continue to practice what they preach.  Forcing Catholic Charities to turn children over to same sex couples is wrong, just as it would be wrong to force a Gay adoption agency to only place their client children in only traditional families.  The April 20 regulations are the only just solution to this problem.


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