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Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
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10/10/11  11:42 pm
Commenter: John Locke

Preserve Religious Freedom

As a client of a faith-based adoption agency, I am concerned to hear that Virginia would threaten the religious freedom of such a caring agency.  The religious character is part of the relationship between birth mother and adoptive family that the agency makes possible.  My wife and I sought out our agency specifically because of its religious character.  Bith mothers take comfort in knowing their baby will be raised by a family that shares their religious values.  The Supreme Court of the United States even ruled in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000) that religous institutions maintain a right of expressive association, meaning states may not alter the character of such institutions by regulating who they must transact with.  As written, this regulation would presume to put the state in judgment of religon, where it does not belong.  If this is what the state wishes to do, it must exempt faith-based institutions, or run afoul of the Constitution.  Thank you.

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