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10/10/11  10:36 pm
Commenter: Kimberly Denmark

Please Support Equality in Virginia Adoption

I would ask the State Board of Social Services to keep in place language that protects against discriminatory practices against potential foster or adoptive parents. Please do not discriminate against potential parents on the basis of gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or family status. The best interests of the child should be the only factors considered when placing him/her with a foster care or adoptive parent or parents. No child should be denied the opportunity to have a loving, supportive, and stable home. Thirty-two percent of the children in Virginia's foster care system age out of the system without ever being adopted. We obviously need more parents to adopt children, so it is counter productive to deny individuals or couples this opportunity just because a state licensed agency chooses to discriminate against them for one of the above mentioned reasons. We all see the world through a different lens and would like to see our beliefs implemented into policy from time to time, but your job is to be an objective advocate for suffering children. Please give them every chance possible to find a loving home.

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